Why I love Crave


Crave. It’s an awesome space. It’s an incredible mix of mid century/retro/vintage/industrial decor. And then you combine that with a gallery space? I’m in heaven. Plus their caramel & cashew slice is AMAZING. The coffee is great, and the staff are lovely… and they have free wifi.

I think I might just move in there.

But there is even more to Crave than that. And this is the real reason why I love Crave. Crave is all about their community. It’s run by a group of locals who are seeking to bring back a true sense of neighbourly-ness to Kingsland.  What an amazing idea.

We love you Crave! See you at our next GC event (and probably a number of times before then too… the caramel slice is calling my name…)


Image via Gather and Hunt


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