Is money good or bad?

money_bnzHave you seen the ads on TV and on billboards around town, ‘Is money good? Is money bad?’, and, ‘Why don’t we ask the hard questions about money?’ Some of our biggest banks, BNZ and Westpac, want us to put the money question on the table.

But when it comes to money, we find it pretty hard to get to the nitty-gritty. Do you proclaim your bank balance (or lack there-of) for the world to know? Would you discuss a financial decision with the guy on the train next to you? Continue reading

Cinnamon Buns

I’m quite happy with my weekend accomplishments.
I made cinnamon buns. Oh my, they were delicious and made me ever so happy.
The recipe isn’t even that hard, its from Annabelle Langbein.
The process does take a while, but it is ever so calming.
So if you have a decent chunk of time and want to get stuck into some serious deliciousness, give these a go. You won’t regret it.  Continue reading

The Grace Collective presents: Fake?

_MG_4948Phew, we did it! We had a great night at our recent Grace Collective event. To be honest, our last minute change of venue did cause a bit of stress, but thanks to the lovely Church of the Saviour and everyone who helped out, it all came together really well.

_MG_4930_MG_4951Highlights of the night were Anoosh Franklin’s beautiful voice, awkward selfies with strangers (check them out on our Facebook page) and great conversations about authenticity.

Looking forward to our next GC gathering on Saturday 23 November, more about that soon!

Thanks to our photographer, Tom Berkley (Church of the Saviour)

Faking it?

1236724_544064645642260_1040167684_nIt is less than one week to go until our next Grace Collective gathering at Crave Cafe in Kingsland!

This time our topic is “Fake?” and we are gearing up for some great discussions around the whole idea of authenticity:

Everyone’s life looks better on social media. We get to instagram our fabulous meals and facebook our travel photos, and keep silent about the messy parts of our lives. That’s the reality of the internet. But are we being real with each other when we are face to face? Or are we cultivating an image of ourselves that is less than authentic? What would it look like to be a community where we are honest and open with each other about the good and the not so good, our triumphs and our struggles… even our sin? Do we want to be like this? Is it just easier (or safer?) to be ‘fake’?

Here are some short videos to get you thinking about the topic, and help fuel our discussions on the night. Continue reading

The business of freedom

woman sewing-Edit

Upon walking into our young adults service on Sunday night I was greeted by the Indian flag. Everywhere. On every banner hanger and every notice board. Photos of India, the people and the landscape, looped on the main screen at the front of the church. It was Indian night and Church of the Saviour and we don’t do things by halves.

But this wasn’t your tyical cultural night filled with food, music, language and dancing; tonight we were watching the 2004 documentary about Freeset and skyping the man who made the documentary and is now the general manager, Karl Weaich. Continue reading