So, what happens at the Grace Collective?

We’ve had quite a few people asking ‘What actually happens at a Grace Collective event?’ So here you go… we made you a little video to watch and get a glimpse of what goes on.

Or better yet, come along to our next event and see for yourself. (The coffee tastes much better in real life!)

Lenten Inspiration

The season of Lent began on Wednesday. I personally don’t have a great track record of giving up things for Lent. I always feel very inspired but lack on the follow through. Hence the Lent post that is two days late!

So if, like me, you’re still figuring out what you’ll do this Lent, then good news! We’ve got you sorted with this great series of Lenten readings and activities, put together by Josh Taylor for the young adults at St Christopher’s in Christchurch.

I love that there are little practical challenges for each day. No social media for 40 days? Hmmm, yeah, nah. I’m going to be honest with you, I can’t do that. No social media for 1 day? Yeah maybe I could do that.

Today’s challenge is to encourage someone, so here you go….


Oh yes. This I definitely can do.

Get the whole Lent Calendar 2014 here

Lent Calendar 14_Page_1You can also follow their blog for daily reflections on the readings.

I also have to mention this amazing lady’s journey for Lent. Anna is going without makeup for Lent – check out her blog as she shares her thoughts and emotions over the coming weeks. Her story is truly inspiring.

What are you doing this Lent?