In Pursuit of Happiness

The first Grace Collective café event for 2014 kicks off on just over a week – on Saturday 26th April. We’re back at our fav café Crave and have got a whole load of goodies lined up for you.

happy fb event coverThe Grace Collective is all about young adults, exploring the unique experience of growing in independence and maturing into fulltime adults. And when we throw faith into the mix there is certainly plenty to work out. We want to make space to listen to one another and also celebrate the great things about being young adults.

What I love about these Grace Collective events is the vibe of chilled out music, food and coffee, people who take what I say seriously and afterwards, heading into the vibrant Kingsland for a drink, or on to a birthday party, feeling like I’ve laid a great foundation for an epic Saturday night.

_MG_4925So what’s in store for this particular Saturday night?

Catching up with friends, meeting new people and hitting up the realities of young adult life.

The reality for most of us is that being a young adult is a bit messy, a bit awesome and a bit daunting. Maybe life’s not turning out quite the way we expected – our Disney dreams are gradually fading under the pressure of assignment deadlines and rent demands.

How do we find happiness when life’s not all that we hoped it would be? Is pursuing happiness even the point?

We’ll be throwing around these ideas and more at “In Pursuit of ‘HAPPY’, with our speakers:
• Joe McGarry – Finding Happiness in Home Depot [The American version of Bunnings]
• Karen Spoelstra – Why Gen Ys are Unhappy
• Charlie Baker – Redefining Happiness

Everything kicks off from 6.30pm, make sure you get there early to hear Caleb Peeters performing live! Hope to see you there.

Kate Berkley

PS If you’ve never come along before then check out this little video from our event in November for a taste of what to expect.


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