5 Ways to Procrastinate During Exams

examsIt’s finals time! Yay! If you weren’t already finding plenty of ways to avoid studying for your exams or finishing off those essays, then Eleanor’s here to be a terrible influence and give you some more.

1. Suddenly becoming a fitness freak


You know those running shoes you haven’t touched in 6 months? Now is the perfect time to dust them off! Nothing makes you feel better about procrastinating than exercising, and exercise actually benefits you more than you think. Endorphins released help manage stress and improve your mood, while just clearing your head and shaking off that study-induced cabin fever.

2. Instagram


Instagram doesn’t just constitute the one app. There are apps for editing, making photos look old, vintage, there a videos now. It’s endless and extremely time consuming; because your morning coffee obviously needs at least 10 minutes of editing time.

3. Blogs

If you’re reading this than you’re already on the right track! There are some great blogs out there on the internet just waiting for you to read them RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait another moment. Because learning how to style your hair just like Elsa from Frozen is obviously the most important thing you’ll learn this week.

4. Youtube

If you haven’t found the acapella corner of Youtube then you are missing out. BIG TIME. Cat videos come in a close second, followed by babies giggling for the first time.

5. Jennifer Lawrence

Whether it is a brilliant photobomb, hilarious GIF or zero-filter interview, Jennifer Lawrence does it all. Hours of entertainment right there.

Happy Exams! And may the odds be ever in your favour.


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