The Election Special


With the election coming up, it’s time for the Grace Collective Election Special: Hope of a Nation

Let’s be honest, some of us are super passionate about politics and some of us avoid it like the plague. Whichever category you fall into you’ll want to be part of our last minute guide to voting in this election!

We all know we should vote (Lorde has told us to…) but then it gets tricky. Who should we vote for? What issues matter the most for NZ right now? Which party is best addressing those issues? Who would Jesus vote for??

At the GC Election Special we’ll be hitting up these big questions and trying to suss it all out in light of the gospel.

More details are coming soon, and watch this space over the next few weeks for stuff to help get you thinking before the event.

The incredibly talented Emily Muli, a singer-songwriter from South Auckland, will be playing live from 6:30pm.

Everything kicks off with great food, coffee and live music so make sure you get there early. See you then!


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