Single or Taken?


The upcoming Grace Collective event (happening November 22nd, mark your calendars kids) is all about singleness, marriage and everything in between.

This one is particularly close to my heart because as a young adult who has grown up in the church, I have been to more ‘relationship panels’ than I would like to admit. Last year I had an experience that stuck in my mind and sparked the discussion that would lead to this event. At this particular young-adult centred service, we were split into three rooms with three separate panels; single, dating and engaged, and married. Being single, I joined that panel and spent the next hour listening to married people talking about getting into relationships and friend-zoning. I came away from the panel with some great advice on preparation for dating and, inevitably, marriage, but NOTHING about my single life right now. How do I make the most of my single relationship status instead of just waiting around for someone else to join the party? Can’t God use singleness in mine, and other single young adults’ lives, just as much as He can use those who are married?
This experience struck a chord – why don’t we talk about singleness as much as we talk about relationships, dating or marriage? Why is all the conversation about how to go about dating and relationships? Where is the conversation about embracing the single status and loving life? I don’t see my singleness as a burden, but as a different kind of adventure. It’s time we talked about this more.

For those of you who are in one of the other categories don’t worry, we’ll cover dating and marriage too.

The night will start with live music from Alex Johnston and Chris Moses from 6:30pm then A Conversation about Singleness with Jeremy Harris, How To Ruin Your Chances Of Finding A Partner with Belinda Stott (from the Society of Salt and Light) and finally a panel with married couple John and Stephanie Corban.

It’s gonna be a goodie.


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