Summer Playlist: Instrumental Covers

Summer is here! And so is some incredible music. I pretty much love every genre of music, and I’m not afraid to have a boogie even to One Direction when I’m in the zone. But something I’ve been especially loving recently, as a classical music major more than anything else, is instrumental covers of some of the biggest songs around right now. There’s something beautiful about people finding new ways to express what is blasted on our radios every day. So here are some of my favourites for you to hopefully consider adding to your playlists this summer!

Taylor Swift and Cellos, two of my most favourite things. It’s the pen click in this that really gets me – so nice just to sit back and enjoy a beautiful arrangement.

I can’t watch this video without a massive smile on my face! Again its Taylor Swift (what can I say, she’s my fav) but this time these cool ladies also borrow from Labrinth’s soulful version to create epicness with just two violins.

I couldn’t write a post about instrumental cover and not include The Piano Guys, probably the kings of instrumental/classical YouTube covers. They cover everything from One Direction (see below) to The Lord Of The Rings.

Before you skip this one because it’s One Direction, consider watching simply for the many MANY ways to play a grand piano. So epic:

What songs are you loving this spring/summer?

 – Eleanor 

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