Beach Day 2015

10989969_10205089347526091_4592916969971170712_n10987694_10205023829808189_1943975107232096995_n10999507_10205023825688086_6181972284642536584_n 11002622_10205023830088196_8981888523037134003_n 11034233_10205089347846099_6593685269959869267_n 11034288_10205089348726121_3730994151345490470_n 11042965_10205089347126081_4744384250609001576_n 11047921_10205089349046129_7040004813662669242_n 11049512_10205089346366062_5761436428234483561_n 11050276_10205089348446114_6365051093332105782_nA mixture of film and digital photos by Eleanor Calder.

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