The Grace Collective Presents: Yeah, Nah?

beersiesBlotto, bombed, hammered, intoxicated, inebriated, juiced, lagered up, legless, lubricated, pickled, pissed, plastered, on the sauce, sloshed, smashed, sozzled, tanked, three sheets to the wind, tipsy, too many beersies, under the influence, under the table, wasted… merlittleWhatever you like to call it, getting drunk is something of a favourite hobby for many Kiwis. However the stats aren’t pretty when it comes to alcohol-related health issues, deaths and offenses in our country. So since we’re focussing on authenticity this year, we thought it’s time we had an honest conversation about alcohol: why do we need to drink the way we do? What does the Bible actually say about booze? Does the standard line “it’s fine to drink but not to get drunk” cover it? Or are there in fact some deeper issues for us to consider as we seek to follow Jesus? What’s your opinion on drinking – yeah or nah?

water coolerMake sure you’re part of ‘Yeah, Nah?’ on Saturday 25 July – we’ve got Jamie Downs, Alex Johnston and Kate Berkley who will be sharing their stories and fuelling our discussions around this tricky topic of booze and belief. Plus live music from Jono Lee, starting at 6.30pm at Crave, Kingsland. See you there!


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