Rom Coms

Earlier in the year I listed my favourite Biopics, and I felt it was time to list another one of my absolute favourite film genres: Romantic Comedy. In no particular order:

10 Things I Hate About You:


This classic teenage/high school film doubles as a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Both leads, Heath Ledger and Julia Styles, are incredible. This film catapulted them, especially Ledger, to stardom. The script is clever and the film has a lot of heart. A definite classic. Continue reading

What do cheese, toilet paper, milk, steak, shampoo and spinach have in common?

RSZPlasticBefore you start on drawing up your spreadsheets and making comparative lists to find the common denominator in this question, let me put your questioning mind at ease: Plastic.

Perhaps it might seem an odd thing to find in common, but it’s nearly impossible to buy these products (and in fact most of our consumables) in New Zealand without purchasing plastic. Think about it. How do you get any form of meat in NZ without it wrapped plastic packaging? Own a farm you say? Well I can tell you that I’ve received farm meat before, and the butcher puts your prized animal in plastic bags. Continue reading

My Year of the Hermit Crab

10999507_10205023825688086_6181972284642536584_nI tend to refer to 2014 as my Year of the Hermit Crab. I finished High School at the end of 2012 and left my church of 10 years soon after. I then spent 2013 and 2014 ‘church hunting’, also known as ‘only going to church when I feel like it so every couple of months’. I didn’t ever think going to church was something you could get out of the habit of, but I very much got out of the habit of going to church. I didn’t walk away from the church in terms of my faith – during those 2 years I was still very active in youth ministry, worship and young adults’ ministry – I was just no longer part of a church community. Continue reading