Comedy Films

Today, I’m listing some (because I couldn’t possibly remember them all) of the comedy films that I love. In no particular order:

Mean Girls:

Mean Girls (L-R): Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Rachel McAdams

This classic chick flick/comedy/high school movie launched the careers of many talented young actresses, as well as being written by comedy goddess Tina Fey.The film is funny and smart and 10 years on, is still loved by so many.



Another female lead comedy, written by comedy queen Kristin Wiig (and starring her too), this film about some bridesmaids was revolutionary for women in comedy, particularly in film.

Shaun of the Dead:

Quality: Original. Film Title: Shaun Of The Dead. Photo Credit: Oliver Upton. Copyright:  © 2004 Universal Studios. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The first of the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ films to feature, this British zombie apocalypse comedy film is forever one of my favourite comedies. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious, the story is brilliant and unashamedly british. If you love the british sense of humour (or even if you don’t), you will probably love this film.

Hot Fuzz:

The second of the ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ to feature, this police action whodunit mystery film is another one of my absolute favourites. The same team that brought us Shaun of the Dead team up for this epic action packed film which takes place in a tiny, seemingly quiet british town. Hilarious.

The Hangover:

This comedy phenomenon spawned two equally ridiculous sequels and launched the careers of Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ken Jeong. What happens when a group of friends wake up after a bachelor party in Vegas in a trashed hotel room with a tiger, a baby and a missing groom? Watch to find out.

When Harry Met Sally – see my post about Romantic Comedies.

Napoleon Dynamite:

This cult classic about a difficult, awkward teenager still has people walking around in ‘vote for pedro’ t-shirts 11 years on. The film is quirky, charming and frequently hilarious.

The Princess Bride – see my post about Romantic Comedies.

Wayne’s World:

This odd, cult classic is famous for it’s bizarre but endearing characters and memorable lines. It also spawned sequels and a cult following.

The Castle:


This Australian masterpiece still has me thinking ‘straight to the pool room!’ whenever someone gives me something special. A film about a family fighting to keep their family home, you won’t be able to not exclaim ‘the serenity!’ for the rest of your life.

Four Lions:


This film about a group of aspiring suicide bomber in England doesn’t sound anything near enjoyable or comedic. But it very much is.

Some Like It Hot:


This film, co-starring Marilyn Munroe, about two musicians who disguise themselves as women after witnessing a gang murder. Hilarity ensues, including one of the greatest final lines in cinematic history.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


Another film overflowing with quotable lines and memorable characters, Will Ferrell’s comedy has stood the test of time in a big way, including a sequel nearly 10 years later.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:


The kings of comedy in the 70s made this infinitely quotable and equally ridiculous and hilarious film loosely based around the search for the Holy Grail. It is a cult classic of the highest degree and constantly sits in the top 5 of greatest comedy film lists.

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