The Grace Collective’s Guide to Summer 2015/2016

How incredible has this weather been? It has had me dreaming dreams of summer, beaches, camps and festivals, so I sat down and put together the annual GC guide to summer because some EPIC stuff is happening and we’d love for you to get involved!


Venn Foundation Summer Conference 3-10 January 2016

“In a culture of questions, we’re asking a few as well: Who am I? Why am I here? What are the big ideas of history and the cultural assumptions of today that shape the ways I think and act? How do I live well in a frantic and fragmented world? Does the Gospel paint a different picture? And does it offer a different way of seeing and of being?

Working largely with young adults from a range of professional and creative backgrounds, Venn provides contexts for them to continue their own journeys of examination and integration.”


Festival One 29 January – 1 February 2016:

Back for a second year, the Parachute replacement is already shaping up to be an awesome weekend. If last year is anything to go by, this will be a community focused, chilled out weekend full of great food, great music and great people. Keep you eyes peeled for some exciting news to do with Anglicans at Festival One too!


Going Further 7-13 February 2016:

This Presbyterian/Anglican discipleship camp was a huge success last year so it’s back! “Learning times, Swimming, Worship, Kayaking, Prayer,  Creation care, Sunbathing, Spiritual direction, Friendships, Hiking, Scripture soaks, Asking questions,  Music, Sleep, Fuel, Choco..lates, Solitude …?” – looks like a great time!

*Sun emoji*

Eleanor Calder is the Ministry Assistant at AYM, which includes work with the Grace Collective! Eleanor is in her 3rd year at UoA studying for a conjoint Commerce and Music degree. Eleanor writes about upcoming events, music, movies and the odd personal story. She can be contacted at


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