Refugees Are Welcome (#squadgoals)

squad postcard (2)We had something very cool underway for our upcoming event ‘SQUAD’ involving #squadgoals, deeper friendships, cliques and being welcoming – particularly being welcoming of ‘outsiders’ the revolutionary way that Jesus was.

Then the refugee crisis blew up in the media and that made us realise – there’s an even bigger conversation we could be having right now, and something very real that we could be doing about it.

So we’re sticking with the same topic at SQUAD, but we’re going bigger, we’re going global.

Join us as we look at the reality of the refugee situation and what we can do to help. Our speakers will unpack the facts, the fears, the myths, the challenges, and what it looks like to welcome them into our world, our lives… our squad?

Featuring Sarah* – a community worker with refugees in Jordan, stories from a former refugee, Jeremy Harris (Refugees Are Welcome in Auckland) and Katie Wivell.

Refugees are welcome.  #squadgoals

*not her real name


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