Refugees Are Welcome in Auckland

wellingtonRefugees have to move in order to save their lives or preserve their freedom. The process of settling into a new life into a new country can be a difficult one. The government provides assistance to refugees coming to New Zealand, but there is a vital community component which is invaluable in helping refugees settle in their new home.

As the Grace Collective we hope to create a movement of hospitality towards refugees that welcomes them the way that Jesus would. We believe our city of Auckland is big and generous enough to welcome more refugees better. So we are proud to be supporting ‘Refugees are Welcome in Auckland’.

welcome fb banner

‘Refugees are Welcome’ began with the Anglican young adults community in Wellington. They reached over 70,000 people online through their campaign. We’re are excited about the impact that a campaign in Auckland will have and we want you to be part of it.

All it involves is getting together with mates, our “Refugees are Welcome in Auckland” sign and our flash camera, and take photos with people! Shifts are about 2 hours, yet the impact you can have in such a short time is surprisingly powerful. Find out more at our event tomorrow (Saturday 21 November – more details here, like ‘Refugees are Welcome in Auckland’ on Facebook, spread the word, and get signed up to a shift.


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