My Favourite Christmas Films

#1 Arthur Christmas


I was one of the only people (it seems) who saw this film in the cinema and I fell in love with it. Honestly. (It’s probably worth noting I was 17 at the time). This film is hilarious, warm, fuzzy and brilliant boasting some of the best comedic talent in Britain. A lot of people have discovered this film since its theatrical release, but I still claim that it was my favourite Christmas film first.

#2 Love Actually


This British Christmas classic pioneered the ensemble somehow-all-related cast that was copied horribly by American movies Valentines Day and New Years Eve. Covering everything from love, to heartbreak, to lobsters and the birth of Jesus – there is a message here for everyone.

#3 Home Alone


This Christmas classic tells the story of a young boy, forgotten by his parents and left home alone at Christmas. Cue evil burglars and booby traps. Full of fun and childhood nostalgia.

#4 Elf


Will Ferrell is awesome, this film is about as ‘Christmassy’ as films get and it is fun for people of all ages.

#5 The Holiday


The power of love during the holiday season. Awwww. This cast is awesome, the story is heartwarming and uplifting and leaves you feeling suitable mushy. Naw.

#6 Die Hard


Christmas-meets-epic action movie. Yes. Cleanse your palette of the mushy, romantic Christmas film and eat some concrete pills with Bruce Willis. Cue explosion here.


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