Grace Collective Presents: FOMO

FOMO St Aidans hi res

I remember when I attended the 21st of a good friend of mine from school about 2 years ago. I turned up and laughed during the speeches, danced during the music, and ate heaps during dinner. It was an awesome time. But I’m haunted by it. My friend, the one whose birthday it was, said “Jeremy. You made it! I’m so glad you are here, because you are a hard man to get hold of!”

I was horrified. What did he mean? Am I really? Being too busy for my friends is not what I want to be known for. But he was right. Continue reading

Gluten Free Choc Walnut Brownies

bellepostDespite what my friends may think, I am what you’d call an avid baker.  Well, maybe I should rephrase that. I am a person who spends a lot of her spare time attempting to bake. But more often than not, I found my self in a position where I have to give my baking scraps to my lovely dog Sam.

Below is a recipe that I believe is a non-fail one, and I say this because I have made it many times (even changing the ingredients occasionally) and it’s never failed to turn out mouth-wateringly delicious. Continue reading

Gender Equality Reflections

Equality fb (2)Our event ‘Grace Collective Presents: Gender Equality’ happened last week and I can’t quite put into words what happened…but bear with me as I try.

I went to bed the on Tuesday the 26th of July at about 10pm freaking out. Crave, our venue, has about 50 seats, maybe 60 at a push, and we never completely fill them. When I fell asleep we had 75 people coming according to Facebook, and even if we only had 60 turn up, we would still be struggling to squeeze them in. As the co-ordinator of the Grace Collective, I was losing sleep over this.

I woke up on the 27th of July and did my usual, millennial, groggy FB scroll and dropped my phone on my face when I opened up the app. 85 attending, our event page now read. How on earth were we going to manage this? Continue reading