Summer Movie Guide

Summer is coming, assignments/exams are nearly over and Oscar season is upon us! Here are some of the films I am most looking forward to over the next few months:

Doctor Strange (Oct 27)


I actually saw this film last night and it was AWESOME. The cast is fantastic, story is great and the whole film looks incredible. You can’t go wrong with Marvel it seems. Continue reading

The Grace Collective’s Guide to Summer 16/17

I can’t quite believe that it is GC Summer guide time already! Where has 2016 gone? If you’re currently drowning in work/study (like I am) and dreaming of summer (like I am) we have an incredible line up just for you!

Grace Collective Out & About: Fireworks (Nov 5)


For our final social event of the year we are going to take a well deserved study break and watch the Guy Fawkes fireworks (from a safe distance of course!). More details to come. Continue reading

FOMO: Confessions of a people pleaser


Photo: Isobell Tregoweth

These are my reflections since our last Grace Collective Event: FOMO. The fear of missing out is something which plagues our generation. We over commit in capacity and under commit in quality, or we do nothing because we cannot decide what to do! At our event we had three guest speakers who challenged us on how this attitude aligns (or doesn’t) with the kind of life that Jesus calls us to. I personally was inspired by the stories from those who have given up pursuing multiple dreams and chosen to commit to something through all kinds of seasons, who don’t just duck out when things get tough or boring. This is so counter-cultural in our society! So counter-cultural to my life so far! So here is my rant: Continue reading