2016 Favourites

Let’s face it, 2016 hasn’t been the best year. Some crazy stuff has gone down, some legends have passed away. So here are some of my favourite pick-me-ups of 2016.

Jenna Marbles Dog Wedding

In the wake of the US presidential election, Jenna married her two dogs to bring some love and happiness into the world. It’s beautiful.
All Star Everything

Jon Sudano has become quite the viral star by singing Smash Mouth’s All Star over the music and chord structures of songs that aren’t Smash Mouth’s All Star. Some of his other masterpieces include Oasis’ Wonderland and Taylor Swift’s 22.

Pentatonix x Dolly Parton

Acapella legends Pentatonix team up with queen Dolly Parton for an incredible cover of Jolene. All the goosebumps.

Chris Pratt’s Magic Trick

Trust me – just watch it.

T-Rex American Ninja Warrior

Ninja warrior is hard/epic enough, but in a T-Rex costume? Epic.

Broadway Carpool Karaoke

I could put every Carpool Karaoke from 2016 in this post, but I’ll just include this one because Lin-Manuel Miranda. And Audra McDonald. And Jesse Tyler-Ferguson. SO AMAZING.

What videos have lifted your spirits in 2016??

Eleanor is a music and commerce student who also works part-time at AYM, including work with the Grace Collective! She loves everything music, movies and time-wasting pop culture.

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