Favourite Film’s of 2016

Here are some of my favourite films from 2016. Before we begin though, here is my list of ‘would probably definitely be on this list if I had seen it yet’: Kubo and the Two Strings, Rogue One, Moana, Sing Street, La La Land, Loving, Hacksaw Ridge.

In no particular order …


One of the first films I saw this year and boy did we get off to a fantastic start. This film about talking animals contains countless layers of commentary on gender inequality and racism. While being oh so clever and hilarious.

Love and Friendship

This Jane Austen novella adaptation is so so fantastic. Hilarious, witty and superbly acted, you will be shocked at this tale of a glamorous widow and the lengths she will go to to survive in English society.

Finding Dory

The long awaited follow up to the masterpiece that is Finding Nemo, I really wasn’t sure what we were going to get. The first 15 minutes are very reminiscent of Nemo, which had me worried (but only for a second). The plot then takes off, introducing us to a new set of lovable animated characters brilliantly voiced.


This movie is so so fantastic. On the cerebral side of science fiction (no explosions or battles here, if that’s what you’re after), Amy Adams is perfect and the science is sound. Plus one of the best movie twists I’ve seen in a long time.

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

The kiwi film taking on the world. This film perfectly balances comedy and sound storytelling with tragedy and emotion while still leaving you feeling warm and fuzzy inside at the end.

Captain America: Civil War

The Russo brothers strike again. This film began a greater focus on moral ambiguity in the MCU which adds a new layer of depth and intrigue, as well as storytelling potential, to the well-oiled MCU machine. There are sooooo many superheroes in this film, and they are all handled with perfection. A truly great superhero/action movie.

Doctor Strange

Continuing the moral ambiguity, Doctor Strange touches on these themes while also introducing us to this mind-bending and magical story. This film looks incredible, and the cast more than deliver.


The story of the “Miracle on the Hudson” and the aftermath is a tense and intriguing one, helped along by an incredible cast. It’s tense, it’s emotional, it’s frustrating at times. Maybe don’t watch it on a plane ride though.


This R-rated film took the first half on 2016 by storm. Everybody on this film is having the best time and you can tell. The fourth-wall breaking works fantastically and the relatively low-stakes plot is refreshing in a genre saturated by ‘end of the world’ story lines.


One of the most controversial (or at least, interestingly anticipated and received) films of the last little while. I, however, loved it. A good story, hilarious performances (Chris Hemsworth and Kate McKinnon are real stand-outs) and it hits all the epic beats.

Star Trek Beyond

This is one I wasn’t expecting to like as much as I did. A real hark back to the classic Star Trek episodes, this film sees the team actually go adventuring/trek-king. We get some great character development from some of the previously under-utilized supporting cast. This film is just all around great fun.

Bad Moms

Another R-rated film, this is a hilarious tribute to motherhood and overcoming the pressures of being a mother in the modern world of ‘mom bloggers’ and PTA meetings.

The Little Prince

Available on Netflix after loosing distribution, this stunning adaptation of The Little Prince is so beautiful, bringing the artistry of the book (words and illustrations) to life.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Wizards, 1920s, New York, magical creatures and mysteries. It’s Fantastic Beasts!

Eleanor is a music and commerce student who also words part-time at AYM, including work with the Grace Collective! She loves everything music, movies and time-wasting pop culture

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