Truth is a Person

Two weeks ago we gathered together in our new venue (!!!) for the first time in 2017. The topic was ‘Post-Truth’, what it looks like to follow a God of truth when the truth seems to be so blurry these day (see: alternative facts and fake news), or when truth seems to matter less in light of people’s emotions.

We kicked off the night by mixing and mingling and trying to figure our whether news headlines were real or fake. The we watched some videos breaking down what ‘Post-Truth’ actually is (see our Facebook page for the links to these videos).

Rev. Dr. Mark Harris spoke first, talking about how in the chaos of the news cycle and social media bubbles, truth is a person, the person of Jesus. By being in relationship with Jesus, and knowing Him, we know the person of truth which can help us make sense of the craziness going on all around us.

Next up was Matt Burrows, a Newshub journalist, who gave us great insight into what happens in a news room and how something reaches the headlines.

MCs Jeremy and Katie wrapped things up by challenging us to not be complacent in our ‘bubbles’, but to seek truth in everyday life (fact-checking people!). Then there was more brownie to be eaten and great conversations to be had.

A massive thank you to everybody who came, to our speakers Mark and Matt, to our MCs Jeremy and Katie and to everybody who helped out with set up and pack down. See you on May 10!

Eleanor is a music/business student and part-timer at AYM (including the GC!). She loves everything pop culture, and is fascinated with what many movies and TV shows have to say about faith. She loves making music and being behind a camera. If you want to be involved in the GC is any way (writing for the blog, playing at one of our events), email her at


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