Prayer Tools and Guides


Where to from here? That’s what many of us might be thinking after our event last week on Common Prayer. So we at the Grace Collective thought it would be helpful to share some tools with you to begin with as you delve deeper into different ways of enriching your prayer life. It’s by no means comprehensive. In fact it’s rather a small list. But our prayer is that it would be the beginning of a journey for you into different ways of praying alone or together which will enliven and strengthen your relationship with God. We hope you find them helpful.

Books of Common Prayer:
Common Prayer: Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals is an awesome resource drawing together many Christian traditions to compile an awesome volume of prayers and daily rhythms. It also offers ideas on how we might become answers to our prayers looking at different topics each month like care of creation, or sharing our resources with others.

You can find it online above or buy a copy here.

A NZ Prayer Book (Anglican). These are the red books found in Anglican Churches, but are online too for you tech savvy greenies looking to cut down on paper. In it are poems, prayers, services, and rhythms of daily prayer that are genuine treasures. It comes with both English and Maori.

Spiritual Practices:

As part of our night we prayed a breath prayer. This was an incredibly moving time for a lot of us. If you’re interested in more of these kind of ancient and beautiful ways of prayer to help hold and guide you as you pray, this link offers some ideas, but there are many more around that you will find as you delve deeper into contemplative prayer traditions.

Some we recommend are:

  • Breath Prayer
  • Daily Examen
  • The Empty Chair
  • Centering Prayer
  • Lectio Divina


Apps and websites:


Our Diocese has produced a fantastic calendar with daily prayers and prompts for different ways to get stuck into God’s Kingdom. It centres around the Resurrection and Easter. It can be found here .

Vaughn Park  has many retreats availible, and functions in many ways as our very own center for prayer in the Diocese. The link provided will take you to their website if you want to know more.

There is also an app for Common Prayer: Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals which can be found in the app store.


Finally, and possibly most importantly, we recommend praying the scriptures. The Bible is God’s word. It is shows us who God is, and who we are made to be. It is God’s love story with creation, and it contains countless prayers: the Psalms, the prayers of Jesus, the prayers of Paul, the prophets, and so on and so forth. Find these, learn them, pray them, mediate on them, soak them up. Anything that deepens our love and appreciation for the Scriptures is a good thing.

May these tools of prayer be helpful for you as you journey with God.
May they enliven your relationship with Him who formed you and dearly loves you.
May they sink into your hearts and hold you throughout your days.
May they guide you into serenity, peace, and hope as you discover the fullness of life in new ways each day.


The GC Team.


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