A letter to my best friend


Dear Best Friend, Thank you for being my friend.

I’m unsure if I could ever thank you enough for being there during the hardest years of my life. With your help, I am now in a place of positive mental well-being, I like myself and I feel valued.

I know that it was hard to be my friend.

I was not only sad and unhappy, but I often got angry at you and made you feel bad.

I know that it was hard listening to me talk about things so negatively… and that you didn’t always know how to respond. But let me tell you now – you made such an impact.

Long ago, I wrote a song and some of the lyrics went like this… “they say it’s easier to calm a crying man, more than a man who is down”, because more often than not, that was my experience. However, this never stopped you from trying. No words can explain how much that meant to me, despite maybe not showing it at the time.

I appreciate that you always listened to me and made me feel valued.

I appreciate that you cared about me and made me feel needed.

I appreciate that you tried to make me smile, even when I wasn’t responding.

I appreciate all of the time and effort you placed into our friendship.

I also really appreciate that you made me handle things on my own sometimes. It was tough at the time, but in the long run, it helped.

You always let me know you were there for me, but that you also weren’t always able to put your own life on hold in order to comfort me. Although it sometimes felt harsh, it helped me begin to develop my own coping mechanisms and has greatly contributed to my ability to have a healthy and positive mentality. You made sure that I was loved, valued and just that little bit less lonely.

To me, Best Friend, you are a legend.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.