2018 Summer Guide

Summer 2018

Happy 2018!


Silo Cinema – Friday Nights (insert hyperlink: https://www.silopark.co.nz/silo-cinema/ and image)


Outdoor movies, food trucks, bars, picnic blankets and long summer nights! Head down to Silo Park from 4pm, movies begin at 9pm. This season they’re showing a variety of films, I’m particularly keen for Lion, Spookers, La La Land, The Princess Bride, Dunkirk and Thor: Ragnarok. Friday night is sorted!


Auckland Zoo – Daily (insert hyperlink: https://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/ and image)


The zoo is a classic. Spend a day wandering around in the sun, searching enclosures for animals and dodging all the tiny children running around. Then reward yourself with an (overpriced) ice cream! Auckland zoo has recently upgraded/rebuilt it’s Safari/Meercat section which is awesome and totally worth the visit alone. Fun fact – it’s cheaper if you book online!

Also, we will be there, so if you want to come with us, click here.


PS – the GC is heading to the zoo at night! Join us from 5pm on Thursday, 15 February. RSVP here. (Insert fb event link).




40 minutes from Auckland, Wenderholm is a beautiful swimming beach with an even more beautiful shaded tree/grass/reading area. Having a swim then spend hours chilled out under (or in) the trees napping or with a good book.




This small town ticks all the boxes. 1 hour from Auckland, near the beach, cinema, amazing food, shopping, pub, pizza and picturesque river. Their Saturday morning Farmer’s market is a highlight and has your artisan cheese collection sorted. The cinema is worth it for the interior decoration alone; each of the three different screening rooms is decorated to a different concept.


Pop Up Globe


Outdoor setting, $10 standing tickets, amazing costumes, sets and acting, what more could you want from a summers evening? If Shakespeare isn’t your thing, head along to A Midsummer Nights Dream and you mind will be changed for sure – just make sure you dodge all the fake blood! Don’t worry too much, it washes out eventually (I know from experience).

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