The Grace Collective is a community of young adults (18+), all about life and faith and how those things go together. The GC is facilitated by Anglican Youth Ministries in the Diocese of Auckland, New Zealand. Sign up for our email newsletter here.


The GC Presents: Our big gatherings are held every couple of months, generally in the first week after the uni holidays. These events are held at Bishop Selwyn Library, Parnell. You can find details of upcoming events on the blog under Happening and also on Facebook.

The GC Out & About: Our smaller, more casual social events that happen between each cafe event. From Christmas markets to quiz nights, there’s something there for everyone! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for our next social event.


As a collective, we all bring our best. Whether it’s sharing our story, baking cupcakes, taking photos, connecting people or communicating a vision, as the GC, we are big on using the talents God has given us. As part of this we have what we call our ‘core team’ – these are the people who meet regularly to eat chocolate brownie, dream of what could be, pray, plan and lead our GC crews. Meet the team below, and get in touch with them if you have any questions.

Jeremy works part time as Grace Collective Coordinator, studies full-time at Carey Baptist College and volunteers as a youth group leader at North West Anglican. Jeremy writes blog posts for the Grace Collective about Jesus, social justice, and all things related. On an average day Jeremy can be found procrastinating, riding bikes, reading poetry and checking Instagram. He also enjoys spending time with his family, exploring abandoned places with good mates and going on dates with his fiance or his best friend. If you want to chat to Jeremy about anything GC-related, you can email him at JHarris@auckanglican.org.nz.

Eleanor is a music and business grad working in HR admin and moonlighting behind a camera. Eleanor is happiest when she is making music, adventuring or watching a movie. Eleanor writes for the blog, organizes the live music for our café events and MCs. She loves pop culture and is always down for a chat about culture and Christianity.


1898739_10153895427575392_205673721_oKatie is a social work student at Massey University and part time youth pastor at North West Anglican. Katie is originally from the UK, giving our GC team the ‘cool accent’ factor. Katie loves food, people and fitness, and is always off on a hike or run somewhere exciting. Katie is also a killer spoken word poet. She speaks at and MC’s our cafe events, and writes for the blog.

Alex is a Bachelor of Health Sciences grad. Alex works to build connections between prisoners and their families at the organisation Prison Fellowship. Alex helps our with hosting at our cafe events, heading up a team to make sure everybody feels welcome in our community! In his spare time Alex sits around reading, playing football with mates, or trying to understand why Anglicans think the way they do.

12068929_10152986811037084_4810552892682914287_oBelle is an after school nanny, web master for St Aidan’s in Remuera and part time office assistant at Treetools New Zealand. Previously she was one of two youth pastors at St Aidan’s and she now continues to be involved with various aspects of the church. She loves photography, reading, watching movies, and having a good laugh in her spare time.


Alicia is a full-time student at AUT, specialising in event management, and works part time in fashion retail.  Alicia has lived all over the world, and was born in Paris. As a result she speaks fluent croissant. Alicia is an expert on the Kardashians and is always down for discussing the latest Bachelor episode.


Conor is the youth and young adults pastor at St Aidans, Remuera. He is also a qualified car mechanic. Conor is a devoted Warriors fan and is always down for beer with the lads. He is passionate about connecting with, and doing life with, young people. Conor likes to think he has nun-chuck skills, but the jury is still out on that one.


One thought on “About

  1. Hi! Might one of the team possibly send me an email so I can get in touch with you. My name is Iain and I am wondering how we might be able to help you guys, if at all. I am an ol chappie (!) who has a youthful soul, newish as director at Vaughan Park Anglican Retreat Centre and would love to know more about what you do/dream.

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