Prayer Tools and Guides


Where to from here? That’s what many of us might be thinking after our event last week on Common Prayer. So we at the Grace Collective thought it would be helpful to share some tools with you to begin with as you delve deeper into different ways of enriching your prayer life. It’s by no means comprehensive. In fact it’s rather a small list. But our prayer is that it would be the beginning of a journey for you into different ways of praying alone or together which will enliven and strengthen your relationship with God. We hope you find them helpful. Continue reading

Hot Chocolates

As we are well and truly in the throws of winter (cue ‘winter is coming’ references and memes all over your Facebook newsfeed), I have taken upon myself the difficult task of compiling the best Hot Chocolate recipes the internet has to offer for winter 2015. From salt to exotic spices, there’s something here for everyone:

Aztec Hot Chocolate:


Image via


The recipe for this spicy goodness can be found here. Continue reading

Dumpster Diving: A Short Introduction

One night I was heading to an ice rink with my youth group for a fun night of snowballs, skates and falling over. Half way to Paradice the young guys in the back said they hadn’t had dinner, so I smiled and told them cheekily I knew a place on the way where they could eat for free. I pointed it out to the youth leader who was driving, we pulled into a parking lot and I told them I’d be back for a couple of minutes. A couple of minutes past, and I came back with a black plastic bag full of donuts. “This isn’t super nutritious, but it will fill you up for sure,” I said.

“Where’d you get this?”

“From the rubbish bin behind Dunkin Donuts.” Continue reading

Making Cups

At the moment I’m living at home, working full time and life is a breeze. My Mum tends to cook for the household so I get in on the feeds she puts on the table, I live right next to church because my Dad is the Vicar so on Sunday’s I can roll out of bed at 9:50 and still be early for the 10am service. And, get this; Dad sometimes even folds my washing! I unequivocally hate folding washing, so for me, this is a King’s life.

However, last year I was living in a pretty different situation. I was studying full time, flatting in Mt Eden, working part time flipping burgers late into the night to make ends meet, and living in a room converted from a porch that was the size of a double bed and had astro-turf for carpet. I had the full ‘student flatting experience.’ Continue reading

Cinnamon Buns

I’m quite happy with my weekend accomplishments.
I made cinnamon buns. Oh my, they were delicious and made me ever so happy.
The recipe isn’t even that hard, its from Annabelle Langbein.
The process does take a while, but it is ever so calming.
So if you have a decent chunk of time and want to get stuck into some serious deliciousness, give these a go. You won’t regret it.  Continue reading

Salted Caramel Slice / aka Baking Therapy

Last week uni made me cry, how insensitive of it.
The way I deal with things that make me cry is by baking. Its my own form of therapy.
So last week, I got home and I made Salted Caramel Slice. Another of my obsessions. It came out pretty ugly looking, but thats okay. I very much enjoyed eating it.

I urge you all to try this, as the stress continues to build. Making something both delicious and beautiful does wonders for the soul. Release that tension through gooey sugary and slightly salty goodness.


Some of the Best Cookies You Will Eat

I’m Kate, and I bake, a lot. I am also doing a design degree, but thats not particularly important. I have a bit of a baking addiction, and I want to share with you one of my
current obsessions.
Chilli Chocolate.
Those who haven’t experienced its wonderfulness are a bit skeptical, I mean, why would anyone ruin the bittersweet goodness that is chocolate, with chilli?
But I assure you, it is amazing. The chocolate tastes the same, it is just slightly spicy.
So if you’re a little adventurous, you might just enjoy recipe.
With the Grace Collective happening tomorrow, I’m sure this will get you excited for
baked goods.
A warning, you may find them so delicious that you eat the whole batch at once.