Looking for stuff you can use – either for yourself or with your young adults group? Here are some of our favourite resources.

The Society of Salt and Light 


The legends that are The Society of Salt & Light in Christchurch have produced a number of quality Bible studies for young adults which are available (for free!) on Resourced. We really like how they have grouped the questions so you can tailor the discussion to your group – for the scholars, dreamers, realists and activists. Definitely worth checking them out, more are currently being added each month.

They also have made some incredible videos, which are available on their youtube channel.

Soul Tour

Soul Tour is an intensive course for young adults, focused on holistic personal development. It aims to equip participants to better understand their own human mind, emotions and behaviour. The curriculum has been adapted from David Riddell’s ‘Life and Counselling Skills’ course and draws upon Christian-friendly insights from a variety of fields. These include psychology, philosophy, counselling and theology.

The course currently exists in two formats – a three day partial course which covers 25 topics, and a six day full course covering over 60 topics. Participant numbers are limited to ensure that the course experience is interactive and fun. According to people who have attended, Soul Tour is life-changing.

They have also released a DVD resource called Soul Tour Elements which can be used with a small group. Contact Charlie to borrow a copy.

The Trouble with Paris

parisDoesn’t everyone want the good life these days? Our shopping mall world offers us a never-ending array of pleasures to explore. Consumerism promises us a vision of heaven on earth-a reality that’shyper-real. We’ve all experienced hyperreality: a candy so ‘grape-ey’ it doesn’t taste like grapes any more; a model’s photo so manipulated that it doesn’t even look like her; a theme park version of life that tells us we can have something better than the real thing. But what if this reality is not all that it’s cracked up to be? Admit it, we’ve been ripped off by our culture and its version of reality that leaves us lonely, bored, and trapped. But what’s the alternative?

In The Trouble With Paris, pastor Mark Sayers shows us how the lifestyles of most young adults (19-35) actually work against a life of meaning and happiness to sabotage their faith. Sayers shows how a fresh understanding of God’s intention for our world is the true path to happiness, fulfillment, and meaning.

This book and/or small group discussion guide (with DVD) is available to borrow – contact Charlie.

Relevant Magazine

Their real and honest posts on faith, culture and intentional living just can’t be beat, on everything from how to change the world, why Christianity is hard, things to do while you’re still single… it’s current, thought-provoking, funny and inspiring, and whether you read it for yourself or use these as a discussion starter, there’s basically something here for everyone.



#NZCMS is the NZ Church Missionary Society’s blog for under 30s. They blog weekly about looking through the eyes of mission at the sort of stuff we face day-to-day – it’s seriously good stuff!

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