The Grace Collective Presents: Yeah, Nah?

beersiesBlotto, bombed, hammered, intoxicated, inebriated, juiced, lagered up, legless, lubricated, pickled, pissed, plastered, on the sauce, sloshed, smashed, sozzled, tanked, three sheets to the wind, tipsy, too many beersies, under the influence, under the table, wasted… Continue reading

A Year Without Alcohol

jazzaIf you know me, you will probably know I tried to spend 2014 without a drop of alcohol. For the most part I stuck to it. Apart from being encouraged profusely by my parents to drink on my 21st birthday, having communion, and sharing some Sassy Reds with my best friend before we both jetted off to different countries, I made it through the year without a beer or a whisky. I’m pretty proud of that, knowing me.

So, seeing as this blog is intended to provide a space for young Anglican adults to share their stories, and given that the next Grace Collective event is about alcohol, I figured, “Hey, I have a story about that. Let’s write something.” Continue reading