On Being Vulnerable


I heard a wise man once say that the church should be a place where we can stand up and declare that we are broken. And everyone will nod and agree. And then remind us that we are also beautiful. That wise man is kind of saying that everyone should feel welcome in church. And he’s also saying people should be vulnerable about their flaws, or pain, or struggle. It’s kind of like if we all admit we are broken, we can all bear each other’s burdens, and hopefully we will be able to remind each other that we bear the image of God – and that that’s a beautiful image to bear.

At least, that’s what I think he’s saying. Continue reading



Authenticity. Hmmm. I feel like I’ve heard this word too often over the past few years, if not constantly over the past few months. ‘Striving to be more authentic’ made it to the top of my list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2015, but then I had to stop myself. What does it even mean? What does ‘striving to be more authentic’ even look like? In light of being Christians in 2015, is authenticity important? And why? Continue reading

The Grace Collective presents: Fake?

_MG_4948Phew, we did it! We had a great night at our recent Grace Collective event. To be honest, our last minute change of venue did cause a bit of stress, but thanks to the lovely Church of the Saviour and everyone who helped out, it all came together really well.

_MG_4930_MG_4951Highlights of the night were Anoosh Franklin’s beautiful voice, awkward selfies with strangers (check them out on our Facebook page) and great conversations about authenticity.

Looking forward to our next GC gathering on Saturday 23 November, more about that soon!

Thanks to our photographer, Tom Berkley (Church of the Saviour)