Shifting my goals


The horror of the “same old thing” is one of the most restricting passions of the human heart.

We wear the word mundane, with shame.

We dread that something be the same as it was before, for to be unchanged, is to be failing.

Without realising, my demand for change diminishes my pleasure and increases my desire, whilst simultaneously emptying my pockets, and my sense of satisfaction.

When I finished high school 3 years ago, I went on an adventure. And I did some incredible things, things I don’t regret doing, and things I will truly treasure for the rest of my life. However, I am beginning to realise that although taking on new challenges and striving for cool, great things is not necessarily bad, for me, pursuing adventures for myself has at times blinded me to the reality of the consistent beauties that already exist in my life.

I have been living a “mundane” “normal” life again for over a year since my trip.

“Back to study” “Back to work” “Back to living at home” “Back to the same old thing.”

And secretly, and sometimes not so secretly, I seem to circle back to a longing to be elsewhere, back there, somewhere different, somewhere exciting.  Continue reading

Getting things out in the open

Hey guys, Charlie here. You might have already seen this interview with Brandt Russo we shared on Facebook a while back. If you haven’t watched it yet, it’s totally worth it, as it touches on so many of the things we talked about at Authenticity and some of the issues that were so courageously addressed by our speakers.

Brandt talks about how he wanted to be open about his struggles, but couldn’t bring himself to go through it. However once everything was exposed, he said “I realised I had put myself in a horrible situation and God still is who He promised He is and He can redeem this… I could finally get free because everybody knows.”

It takes a lot of openness and support to get through our struggles. Brandt questions whether churches are ready for that: “We haven’t prepped ourselves to be that open.” I wonder if he’s on to something here.  Continue reading

On Being Vulnerable


I heard a wise man once say that the church should be a place where we can stand up and declare that we are broken. And everyone will nod and agree. And then remind us that we are also beautiful. That wise man is kind of saying that everyone should feel welcome in church. And he’s also saying people should be vulnerable about their flaws, or pain, or struggle. It’s kind of like if we all admit we are broken, we can all bear each other’s burdens, and hopefully we will be able to remind each other that we bear the image of God – and that that’s a beautiful image to bear.

At least, that’s what I think he’s saying. Continue reading


Image via DesignLoveFest

I woke up one Sunday morning feeling pretty down. I was going through some difficult stuff and today was just one of those hard days. I couldn’t really face talking to people, let alone going to church. All I wanted to do was have a quiet morning, hibernating at home. However I knew from experience that when things are tough, there is no better place for me to be than among people who love God and love each other. So I pulled myself together and forced myself to go. Continue reading



Authenticity. Hmmm. I feel like I’ve heard this word too often over the past few years, if not constantly over the past few months. ‘Striving to be more authentic’ made it to the top of my list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2015, but then I had to stop myself. What does it even mean? What does ‘striving to be more authentic’ even look like? In light of being Christians in 2015, is authenticity important? And why? Continue reading