My 36 Slaves

RSZslave-croppedIt was a casual Sunday afternoon. I went to the supermarket – I needed to buy sugar.

I got to the plethora of sugar options on the shelf and stared.

And stared.

I picked one up. I put it back. I couldn’t bring myself to buy one.

Why? Not because of all the options before me. It’s because I know that all this sugar in front of me isn’t produced in ways I agree with. I’ve known that for a while, but that day it made me unable to purchase sugar. But I needed sugar. What to do? Driving across Auckland to the TradeAid store to purchase sugar doesn’t seem a great ‘sustainable choice’ either. So I went home with no sugar. But I knew that soon I’d need sugar and be faced with the same dilemma. (Let’s not get into the ‘do you really need sugar’ debate in this one, we’ll save that for another day – and luckily I found out that a different supermarket close-by stocks Fairtrade sugar.)

More than anything what surprised me about this sugar-debacle was myself. I’ve always ‘cared’ about ethical and sustainable consumer choices, but often it becomes idealist with an I’ll-buy-fair-trade-coffee-if-it’s-in-front-of-me thrown in on the side (though this is still a great place to start).

So what’s changed? I’m not exactly sure.

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Grace Collective presents “FAIR?”

GCFairEventWe’re back at Crave again for our final young adults gathering for the year!

Saturday 23 November, 6.30pm at Crave Cafe, 25 McDonald St, Kingsland

We all learn pretty quickly that life just isn’t fair for everyone. But is that ‘just how it is’? What can possibly be done about it? What issues of injustice upset you the most? Should Christianity and social justice go hand in hand?
Join our discussions on the night as Blake Ramage, Laura TeBay and Jethro Day share their inspiring stories and fuel our conversations.
Over on Facebook we’ll be sharing some articles, videos and more to help us get thinking about the topic. This is something that I personally have been thinking about quite a bit lately, so I am really looking forward to the conversations we will have around this important issue.
As always, you can expect awesome coffee, sweet hangs, talented musicians, engaging discussion and delicious baking.  All young adults are welcome, so bring your crew. It’s going to be a night not to be missed and it would be great to see you there!