Meet The Team: Katy


Kate is married to Tom and pretends to work in a bookshop (reading books, reading about books and getting paid to do it!). She enjoys travelling and just returned from an epic trip to Europe, including cycling around Barcelona, a riot in Berlin and touring the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Western Isles. She is passionate about encouraging leaders and loves to talk about what makes a great church for young adults.

 Currently reading: “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction”, “The Post-Evangelical Debate” “God Wins (a response to Rob Bell’s ‘Love Wins’), but mostly just reads murder mysteries by Agatha Christie and Ngaio Marsh.

Meet The Team: Avik

10169302_10152389320471798_4308024356640014894_nAvik is a pilot (yup he flies planes – how epic is that?!) from West Auckland and has been involved in youth and young adult ministry for a number of years now. Avik loves people – talking to people, meeting new people, going on road trips and building relationships. He’s one of the friendliest and most welcoming people you will ever meet and if you come to one of our events he’s bound to track you down at some point! Apart from flying, Avik loves the outdoors, exercise and driving.

Meet The Team: Charlie


Charlie is a graphic designer and AYM’s young adults facilitator. She’s also mum to the cutest little boy EVER and designs fabric and cushions in her spare time.  She loves finding ways that ministry and creativity can collide, and is passionate about following Jesus, drinking coffee, riding her bike, reading with her little boy, the colour mint and anything to do with triangles. Charlie was part of the group that initially dreamed of some kind of Anglican young adults collaboration, and launched The Grace Collective out of that in 2013. Charlie is your person for all things ‘Grace Collective’, and can be reached at

Meet The Team: Eleanor


Eleanor is a full time student and the University of Auckland, studying a conjoint Commerce and Music degree. Eleanor also works part time for AYM as a ministry assistant, including work with the Grace Collective! Eleanor works with Charlie to maintain our Facebook page, Instagram profile and blog (if you would like to contribute to any of these – let her know!). Eleanor has also been involved in organising the live music for the Grace Collective café events; if you play any kind of music she would love to hear from you! Eleanor’s life goals include being a drummer in a heavy metal screamo band and meeting Taylor Swift. She can be reached at
Currently reading: Relevant Magazine and WNTLM.

Meet The Team: Jeremy

10169255_848411468520438_3724257471157659077_nJeremy works part time as a caregiver for the physically disabled, studies part time at Carey Baptist College and volunteers 10 hours a week as a youth group leader at the Cedar Centre in Beach Haven. Jeremy writes blog posts for the Grace Collective about Jesus, social justice, and all things related. On an average day Jeremy can be found procrastinating, riding bikes, reading poetry and checking Instagram. He also enjoys spending time with my family, exploring abandoned places with good mates and pretending he can surf in his mind cave.

Currently reading: Red Letter ChristiansSojo, Mark Vansteenwyk, Shane Claiborne, John Howard Yoder, Mother Teressa, and Oscar Romero.