Meet The Team: Jeremy

10169255_848411468520438_3724257471157659077_nJeremy works part time as a caregiver for the physically disabled, studies part time at Carey Baptist College and volunteers 10 hours a week as a youth group leader at the Cedar Centre in Beach Haven. Jeremy writes blog posts for the Grace Collective about Jesus, social justice, and all things related. On an average day Jeremy can be found procrastinating, riding bikes, reading poetry and checking Instagram. He also enjoys spending time with my family, exploring abandoned places with good mates and pretending he can surf in his mind cave.

Currently reading: Red Letter ChristiansSojo, Mark Vansteenwyk, Shane Claiborne, John Howard Yoder, Mother Teressa, and Oscar Romero.

Grace Collective presents “FAIR?”

GCFairEventWe’re back at Crave again for our final young adults gathering for the year!

Saturday 23 November, 6.30pm at Crave Cafe, 25 McDonald St, Kingsland

We all learn pretty quickly that life just isn’t fair for everyone. But is that ‘just how it is’? What can possibly be done about it? What issues of injustice upset you the most? Should Christianity and social justice go hand in hand?
Join our discussions on the night as Blake Ramage, Laura TeBay and Jethro Day share their inspiring stories and fuel our conversations.
Over on Facebook we’ll be sharing some articles, videos and more to help us get thinking about the topic. This is something that I personally have been thinking about quite a bit lately, so I am really looking forward to the conversations we will have around this important issue.
As always, you can expect awesome coffee, sweet hangs, talented musicians, engaging discussion and delicious baking.  All young adults are welcome, so bring your crew. It’s going to be a night not to be missed and it would be great to see you there!

The business of freedom

woman sewing-Edit

Upon walking into our young adults service on Sunday night I was greeted by the Indian flag. Everywhere. On every banner hanger and every notice board. Photos of India, the people and the landscape, looped on the main screen at the front of the church. It was Indian night and Church of the Saviour and we don’t do things by halves.

But this wasn’t your tyical cultural night filled with food, music, language and dancing; tonight we were watching the 2004 documentary about Freeset and skyping the man who made the documentary and is now the general manager, Karl Weaich. Continue reading