I’m A Kiwi Too!

11080898_10203108374344771_4240644590051391261_nWhere am I from? It’s not a straightforward answer. I’m Sri Lankan, born in Bahrain, and have lived in New Zealand since I was two – I’m quite a mix of different cultures. This gets interesting when I meet new people here. I often get called Indian or Fijian Indian. When I explain to people that I was born in Bahrain, I receive confused looks – it’s in the Middle East folks. My cultural heritage and ethnicity is important to me, but I’m also very much Kiwi. Is it therefore fair that I’m often treated as different just because I look different? Continue reading

The Church Drive-By

Church Drive ByTonight I did my first church drive-by.

Over the past 6 months, I have been visiting a few young adults services at different churches just to see what they are like and tonight, I was planning to check out yet another service. However, the people I was planning to go with bailed on me last minute, leaving me slightly more apprehensive about going. After texting and facebooking my friends in a desperate attempt to find someone who would go with me, I set off alone. Continue reading