The Grace Collective presents: Fake?

GC7138You’re invited to our next gathering of the Grace Collective! Join us at Crave on 14 September for coffee, sweet hangs, talented musicians, engaging discussion and delicious baking.

This time we will have Blake Ramage, Harry Newton & Sarah West on the couch, and we we will be looking at the idea of authenticity.

Everyone’s life looks better on social media. We get to instagram our fabulous meals and facebook our travel photos, and keep silent about the messy parts of our lives. That’s the reality of the internet. But are we being real with each other when we are face to face? Or are we cultivating an image of ourselves that is less than authentic? What would it look like to be a community where we are honest and open with each other about the good and the not so good, our triumphs and our struggles… even our sin? Do we want to be like this? Is it just easier (or safer?) to be ‘fake’?

Keep checking in to our facebook page over the next few weeks as we announce our band, load you up with awesome clips, thought-provoking reads, and more as we gear up for the event.

All young adults are welcome, so bring your crew.

Saturday 14 September, 6.30pm at Crave Cafe, 25 McDonald St, Kingsland.

See you there!

Salted Caramel Slice / aka Baking Therapy

Last week uni made me cry, how insensitive of it.
The way I deal with things that make me cry is by baking. Its my own form of therapy.
So last week, I got home and I made Salted Caramel Slice. Another of my obsessions. It came out pretty ugly looking, but thats okay. I very much enjoyed eating it.

I urge you all to try this, as the stress continues to build. Making something both delicious and beautiful does wonders for the soul. Release that tension through gooey sugary and slightly salty goodness.



GC7131I absolutely hate conflict. If a conversation starts to get heated, then there is something inside of me that instinctively just starts to hunt out the fastest escape route.

But no matter if you hate fighting, or love to stir the pot and get a good argument going, it seems that conflict is something that none of us know how to do particularly well. So we thought that this would be the perfect topic for the discussions at our most recent Grace Collective event.

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